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Stressed? Burnout?

Stress is the adverse reaction you have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed on you.  There is a convincing body of research showing a clear link between stress and illness. ClearMind offers a comprehensive stress and burnout management program, including:

Initial meetup

We take a detailed history of your symptoms and learn about every aspect of your life, such as dietary and exercise habits, your coping and relaxation methods, your work load, your social and personal circumstances, and your cognitive strengths,  We  discuss probable sources of stress and means to manage it.


We determine how stressed out you actually are.

  1. Option 1. You fill a number of self assessment questionnaires that explore every aspect of your life. We use  Biofeedback equipment to measure your Heart Rate and explore how your body reacts to stress.
  2. Option 2. We highly recommend the HRV Lifestyle assessment tools for total insight. You wear a monitoring device for up to 7 days, 24/7, which measures levels of stress, including the quality of your sleep and recovery.

Reporting and Recommendations

We provide recommendations after an analysis of your assessments. Recommendations are personalized and designed to seamlessly integrate within your current schedule. We give you practical tips, techniques, information, and strategies towards a healthier life. We might recommend additional support from a range of professionals, such as nutritionists, MDs, physical therapists, and more.


You select how you want to follow up, whether with regular or occasional visits for check-in and additional information,  Sometimes clients find great benefits after only one session, or they might elect to come regularly to monitor  their progress.


In collaboration with Biorna Quantics, we are proud to launch the world's most powerful quantitative analytic tool to quantify stress, analyze your daily life, enhance sleep and recovery, and exercise right.

The HRV Lifestyle Assessment is a cutting-edge professional analytic and coaching tool for health, wellness and performance checks. Our unique heart rate variability analysis reveals how the body reacts to daily life 24/7.

Each HRV Lifestyle Assessment includes an initial orientation/set-up meeting and after 7-days of non-invasive data collection a follow-up consultation in which you will receive a comprehensive personalized report. We will assist you to connect the dots between lifestyle and well-being and to identify personalized steps and strategies towards a healthier, fitter and more productive life.

Please  contact me  for more information  about stress management.