MBB  sessions are either  part of our  coaching and counseling services and  are undertaken as a full 60 - 90 minutes one-on-one  session.

Coaching: this service is offered online or in person, over 8 weeks.

Counseling:this service is offered online or in person, over 8 weeks. It is recommended that the first session be in person.

Psychotherapy, Counseling Psychology, & Coaching

Mind Body Bridging: Come back to your senses  - Mindfulness training on the go.


Mind-Body Bridging is a highly effective mindfulness training program that was first applied  to acute stress sufferers, and  it includes the latest in recovery and stress resilience building techniques.

The method is so effective that it is also taught for others issues ( insomnia, anxieties, weight loss, and more) and for performance building in the area of athletics and executive coaching.

Mind-Body Bridging (MBB) combines 21st century neurologically-based findings in mind-body interaction with centuries-old healing traditions and mindfulness practices.

The tools of Mind-Body Bridging are easily assimilated, and can be practiced anytime, anywhere, especially “in the heat of the moment”.  They do not require regular attendance to yoga or meditation classes, nor to sign up for talk-therapy sessions.  They work deeply and consistently to improve and change the very fabric of our inner being. The results are not only permanent, but work holistically to positively transform all aspects of your life.

MBB is the result of 17 years of development and clinical research by a team of physicians, psychologists and researchers at the Salt Lake City School of Medicine/University of Utah and was thoroughly tested at the Veteran Affairs hospital of Salt Lake City. Results in the treatment of individuals suffering from various issues show an amazing rate of recovery in excess of 93% for those who complete the program. Studies into its effectiveness in the treatment of a variety of other conditions are ongoing.
This program is now available  in the form of weekend intensive workshops, one-on-one weekly sessions and in weekly group meetings.

MBB helps you to:

  • Slow down and relax
  • Switch out negative self talk and limiting beliefs
  • Tap your inner resources and balance
  • Switch out disruptive, recurring thought patterns
  • Get in touch with your emotions and use them as your compass when navigating any situation.

EMDR is very effective for:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Phobias
  • Intrusive thought patterns
  • Issues with food and weight
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 
  • Depression