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Playing the Game of Life....  and Winning It

The hallmark of coaching is to give you the tools to invoke your  vision of  who you want to be. It includes your goals, values, and deepest aspirations for the future. It involves experimenting with and practicing new behaviors in an active learning process that builds on your strengths while reducing identified gaps.


Your initial 20-minute video call session is complimentary:

Coaching  is a very personal and individualized service, and this first meeting ensures that we are able to develop the rapport necessary for us to work together successfully.

All our coaching sessions are strictly confidential and will provide you with committed support and clear boundaries to enable you to meet your goals. Most clients achieve their goals within one to six months of our initial session.

How does it work?

Working together to achieve your dreams, goals and potential is the essence of coaching..

My coaching approach is to elicit intense positive states in my clients. It is in this state that intentional change occurs. It also can be used to induce deep relaxation for enhanced learning, using various mindfulness tools. This approach is highly experiential and engages your whole being.

I use the ICT, or Intentional Change coaching method, based on your personal breakthroughs and insights, as these discoveries help you identify the strengths where your aspirations and real self overlap, where they differ, and how you  bridge those gaps. I walk this process with you as you  take steps toward building the future you want, and reclaim your personal power.

A typical session or coaching plan might involve:

Applications and results:

Work and Career

Some of the benefits coaching can offer in your work life include:

  • Optimizing performance and setting clear goals
  • Increasing focus, effectiveness and commitment
  • Addressing difficult situations confidently, keeping centered and relaxed
  • Developing leadership skills

Personal Development

As a client of our coaching service you can look for improvements in many aspects of your personal life and interactions:

  • Personal breakthroughs, identifying and solving issues, challenges and limiting events
  • Intuition, making connections head to heart and cultivating hunches
  • Resolving unwanted behavioral and thought patterns and creating positive behavioral shifts
  • Learning the strategies for sustained change
  • Life transformation techniques
  • Affirming your strengths

Life Transitions

Certain times of life present specific challenges that you may not be prepared for. Coaching can guide you through them, for instance dealing with:

  • A new career or position
  • Significantly changed personal circumstances
  • Health challenges
  • The stresses of relocation

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  • Articulating your personal vision:  taking stock of your current situation, identifying required changes, and making realistic and exciting plans to implement these changes.
  • Learning and performance enhancement: motivation, behavioral shifts, increased outputs for peak performance and effectiveness in all areas of life.
  • Comprehensive wellness  and stress management programs: thriving,  reaching for optimal physical/mental health, whatever the circumstances.
  • Personal effectiveness with 3rd generation mind techniques
  • Character strengths and other assessments: getting clear answers to the question 'who am I? What are my strengths? How can I use my unique talents to design the life I want? How do I solve my current issue?'