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Biofeedback helps you to:
  • Motivate yourself and stay focused
  • Achieve your goals and aspirations
  • Reduce stress and build resilience
  • Increase performance, focus, mental clarity and emotional balance
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your regular sports routine
  • Enhance mental perceptions
  • Conquer chronic pain by lowering pain perception

With practice you can learn how to:
  • Harmonize your psychological and physiological processes
  • Bring coherence to your heart and mind
  • Speed up and facilitate your personal growth
  • Control your thoughts, increase motivation
  • Scientifically measure your progress
  • Transform anxieties and frustrations into productive activity

One-on-one and group training available.

Biofeedback is an active, visual process that uses sensors to gain greater awareness of the body, and to change physiological functions such as muscle  tension, breathing rate, and even heart beat.  In essence, it trains you to manipulate your brainwaves, muscle tone, heart rate, pain perception,  & breathing: it allows you to control your levels of stress and alertness, and cognitive, emotional and relaxation responses.


Biofeedback sessions are either  part of our  coaching and counseling session or are undertaken as a full 50 minutes one-on-one training session. 

 This service can only be offered in-person.

Because emotions and thoughts create physiological responses, in turn,  mastering body responses alters emotions and thoughts.  Changes from restful state to immediate alertness, from arousal back to relaxation, from physiological pain or mental distress to a peaceful state can be easily learned and tweaked.

Practiced regularly, biofeedback trains you to focus positively on aspects of your work and personal life. It also works to increase your powers of concentration, and will help you  overcome over-controlling patterns such as hyper-vigilance, wandering thoughts, and stress.

Biofeedback is used in athletic coaching for work performance optimization;It proves to be very effective in increasing levels of functionality, whether you want to increase your focus and sharpness, or master your stress or anxiety responses.

The process is enjoyable, highly interactive, and rewarding because the feedback is visual and instantaneous.  It can also be practiced at home with your own equipment. It  works to complement the effectiveness of routines such as yoga, meditation and sports, and can lead you towards new levels of performance and well-being.

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